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Guardian 13.11.17

Abuse isn’t all tantrums and threats; it’s also friendship and poetry

Guardian 10.10.17

Body hair is cool now I was cool first I’ll have you know

The Conversation 28.09.17

Rape is Real and Everywhere and also (under the correct circumstances) very funny.

Guardian 27.09.17

We can repeal the 8th can we repeal the 8th oh god I’m scared can we do it we can do it oh God

Guardian 12.09.17

George Hook is Gross

Irish Times 06.09.17

James Damore, Aristotle, Hegel, and Darwin are all smart boys what are thick on gender

Guardian 29.06.17

Canada is Weird

Irish Times 06.06.17

You say identity politics, I say intersectionality – can’t we get along?

Guardian 04.06.17

Hey Guys Did You Ever Consider That, Like, We Can Be Happy Ireland Has Evolved to the Point Where a Gay Taoiseach is NBD and Also Think that Varadkar is a total Tosser AT THE SAME TIME

Independent 07.05.17

Fry in Hell

Guardian 02.04.17

The Sisters of Charity Presided Over Abuse; They Must Not Run a Maternity Hospital

Guardian 07.03.17

The Catholic church is ‘shocked’ at the hundreds of children buried at Tuam. Really?

Irish Times 07.03.17

Feminists are Caught Between a Right Wing Rock and a Left Wing Hard Place

Guardian 02.02.17

After the Quebec mosque attack, Canada needs to take a hard look at itself

Irish Times 23.01.17

Make Ireland Great Again: ‘Our culture has been under threat since those dirty Celts arrived’