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Irish Times 06.06.17

You say identity politics, I say intersectionality – can’t we get along?

Guardian 04.06.17

Hey Guys Did You Ever Consider That, Like, We Can Be Happy Ireland Has Evolved to the Point Where a Gay Taoiseach is NBD and Also Think that Varadkar is a total Tosser AT THE SAME TIME

Independent 07.05.17

Fry in Hell

Guardian 02.04.17

The Sisters of Charity Presided Over Abuse; They Must Not Run a Maternity Hospital

Guardian 07.03.17

The Catholic church is ‘shocked’ at the hundreds of children buried at Tuam. Really?

Irish Times 07.03.17

Feminists are Caught Between a Right Wing Rock and a Left Wing Hard Place

Guardian 02.02.17

After the Quebec mosque attack, Canada needs to take a hard look at itself

Irish Times 23.01.17

Make Ireland Great Again: ‘Our culture has been under threat since those dirty Celts arrived’