Stuff I Don’t Like

When Jess broke up with me last November I decided I was going to stay as positive as possible, so … More

Reading things

I have a goodreads account, where I blab on about books. And I will add a button linking that account … More


What’s your new year’s resolution? Mine is: don’t crack up. The apparent simplicity of this resolution belies the ingenious strategies … More

My first ever blog post?

We’re going through boxes of memories here in Oranmore and have found proof that I’ve been a committed diarist of … More

One More Bad Thing

My mother’s partner died in June. He crashed his car coming back from a point-to-point race meet. A great man for the horses, a terrible man for the cars. I was on the first flight home to Ireland. John and I were close: allies, you might say, in the complicated game of family…