My N∃WS by Emer age 33

I buyed an apartment. It has red bricks but on the inside. It has two bedrooms and a big room that is a kitchen and a sitting room at the same time wow. I live their now with my friend Colleen and are cat Frida Kahtlo. I like the apartment.

At my school, they picked me to have tenure. Tenure means you can do what you like even nothing and never get fired. Ha ha not really. You dont get a lollipop. HOWEVER you can buy a lollipop because you have a job. You should not eat too many lollipops even thought you can. I like tenure.

I have a boyfriend. He is French. Sometimes I do not no what he is saying. France is a country near Paris. For work, he is a chef. His hobbies are dancing and swimming. I like the boyfriend.

I made some art with Bananas.

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